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5 Essentialle Beauty Tips

Eat your greens
Spinach contains vitamin A which helps keep your skin cells healthy and repairs wounds; vitamin C which you need to make collagen, a protein used to form new skin cells; and vitamin K which strengthens blood vessel walls and helps to reduce dark circles.

Always wear sunscreen
Wearing sunscreen daily (even when it’s not sunny) is essential for life-long great skin. Sunscreen helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolouration; reduces the appearance of facial red veins; and slows development down of wrinkled skin. It also helps to shield from harmful rays and decreases the development of skin cancer. It only takes a minute to apply in the morning so there really is no reason not to add this to your skincare routine.

Keep your phone clean
The bacteria found on your phone can lead to unwanted rashes, breakouts and bad skin. Help to prevent this by cleaning your screen with antibacterial wipes (and use loud speaker more often!).

Now this one may not be so difficult, but getting enough sleep has amazing anti-ageing benefits. When you’re asleep, your body has time to regenerate and hydration is rebalanced. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a dull complexion, puffy bags under the eyes and dryness.

Keep hydrated inside and out
Drinking lots of water helps to keep the skin hydrated and increases elasticity which in turn helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also essential to keep your skin moisturised from the outside. Our range of natural face oils can help with this. Our Elasticity Boost Toning Face Oil, ideal for dehydrated or sagging skin, hydrates, strengthens and repairs the skin to reveal a defined and plumped complexion.

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