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Beauty Treatment:  Facial Cupping

Facial cupping is a non-invasive anti-ageing skincare treatment which helps to minimise the effects of environmental and sun damage. Using specially designed cups, the reverse suction works to lift the facial tissues; increasing blood circulation as well as stimulating and draining the lymph nodes. This helps to eliminate waste and harmful toxins, and provides a reduced edema and puffy appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles and scars are reduced and the skin appears softer and younger. Although an ideal beauty treatment, facial cupping also has therapeutic benefits. It can help those who suffer with sinus infections, earaches, headaches or migraines and facial paralysis.

How to use facial cups?

  1. Ensure your face is clean and then choose your favourite Essentialle Facial Oil and massage into your skin. This will help the cup to glide effortlessly.
  2. Take the facial cup and move it along your neck, cheekbones and under-eye area, release the suction, and then repeat multiple times.
  3. Continue this for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a week. This will result in a smoother, younger appearance with decreased puffiness and wrinkles.

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