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Infinitely Recyclable, Completely Impermeable

When it comes to purity, performance and safety, there is nothing like glass. Completely neutral, endlessly recyclable and chemically inert, glass is a sustainable material with many environmentally friendly benefits. A glass bottle can be recycled infinite number of times without compromising on its capacity or quality.

Unlike many other materials, glass packaging is 100% inert and doesn’t interact with the product inside or leach chemicals into it. Glass preserves and protects the freshness of its contents without affecting them in any way.

Essentialle strives to offer the safest and purest products; therefore our precious oils are packaged in black glass 100% recyclable bottles which protect their preservative-free contents from molecular decay caused by the light, oxygen and moisture. Our glass bottles are completely nonporous and impermeable, so the ingredients inside don’t become contaminated and have a longer shelf life.

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