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Plantago Major – from ancient scripts to modern research

Plantago Major (commonly known as Plantain) is a green weed plant that is said to have originated in Eurasia. For centuries it has been used by cultures around the world to relieve various ailments and was most commonly prescribed for its skin healing properties. Plantago is one of the nine sacred herbs mentioned in The Lacnunga (‘Remedies’), a collection of ancient Anglo-Saxon medical texts. Herbal manuscripts dating back to 1500’s are full of recipes for Plantain, which recommend using it to treat just about anything from insect and dog bites to epilepsy, jaundice and liver obstruction! In fact, in American Indian the name for the plant translates to “life medicine”. 

 Once Plantain was so popular and widely used that it was referenced in works by Chaucer and Shakespeare. 

 ‘Romeo and Juliet’ - W. Shakespeare 

Romeo: Your plantain leaf is excellent for that. 

Benvolio: For what, I pray thee? 

Romeo: For your broken shin. 

(Plantain was used widely as a remedy to help stop the bleeding) 

 Recent studies of Plantago have revealed that the plant contains an amazing glycoside called Aucubin, which has been reported by the Journal of Toxicology as a powerful anti-toxin. It also contains a remarkable number of biologically active compounds including ascorbic acid, apigenin, baicalein, benzoic acid, chlorogenic acid, citric acid, ferulic acid, oleanolic acid, salicylic acid, ursolic acid, sorbitol and tannin. Alkaloids have also been detected. ( Samuelsen, 2000). The above naturally occurring ingredients are known to have antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Recent research has found the extract of Plantago Major leaf to enhance SPF effectiveness in sunscreens (Sugihartini, N., 2010), to treat inflammation caused by mosquito bites (Vollmer et al, 2000) and to accelerate healing of the wounds (Farahpour et all., 2012). 

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