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Reasons to Switch to Cruelty-Free Skincare

As a vegan brand, we are committed to producing amazing skincare products using great ethical practices. Buying from cruelty-free brands is so important for helping to end the use of animals in cosmetics testing and the pain they endure. We list a few reasons on why switching to cruelty-free beauty products is the right thing for the animals and your conscience.

1. Animal testing isn’t necessary nowadays
Approximately 115 million animals are used for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing each year, however this is completely unnecessary. Beauty products can be tested using in vitro test methods, virtual drug trials and computer models. There is no excuse for beauty brands to use animals for cosmetic testing.

2. Cruelty-free brands are usually more natural
A lot of skincare brands who take a cruelty-free approach, like Essentialle, use more natural ingredients that are gentler to your skin and the environment. Essentialle’s Remedy Multi-Active Rebalancing Face Oil for example includes rose manuka oil which neutralises bacteria and normal sebum secretion, chamomile flower oil which instantly calms and helps to deflects free radicals, and coconut oil which effectively moisturises and protects the skin’s barrier.

3. It will make you feel good
Shopping cruelty-free will make you feel good about yourself. Our range is 100% vegan and will allow you to feel guilt free when using.

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